Our Philosophy




AGS’ approach is to focus on the fundamentals.  We believe that long-term success results from a disciplined approach to business in which management creates value by focusing on customer care, productivity, and capital management.  





No matter what the industry, we believe that excellence in customer care is fundamental to building customer loyalty that is essential for achieving long-lasting value.


We also believe that operational excellence is a must in order to control process costs and maintain high standards of quality.  In turn, high quality helps to keep material costs low and is a fundamental element of customer satisfaction.


Careful capital management is critical for establishing a capital structure that provides high rates of return on equity while ensuring financial strength to endure adversity and sufficient capital availability for investments in growth and operations.





These are not revolutionary concepts.  AGS is founded on the belief that solid management is the cornerstone of building business value.  Our focus is on fact-based planning, achieving operational excellence, measuring results, and boldly addressing challenges as required to meet expectations.







We will be involved, patient, and disciplined in creating value.